2022 Challenges

What is everyone planning to do for reading challenges in 2022?

Last year was my first year attempting any reading challenges, and I seem to like making the plan more than following through with the plan. I know this about myself…so let’s plan out a few challenges and see where it goes!

  1. PopSugar Reading 2022 – my list
  2. Book Riot Read Harder Challenge 2022 – my list
  3. The Shelfie Chronicles 2022 – my list
  4. Reading Rivalry – monthly challenges

I am also working on some ongoing, longer challenges…or at least, challenges I have no intention of completing in just one year.

  • Boxall’s 1001 Books to Read Before You Die | Amazon | – one day I may make a blog post…but that’s a lot of books to type up or copy/paste.
  • Read the states challenge – this wouldn’t be so hard except that I read A LOT of fantasy, most of which takes place in not the US.

Follow me on instagram at @janaandbooks to see all of the books that I read and how they fit with my challenges!

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