The Shelfie Chronicles – 2022 Challenge

Alex and Taylor over at The Shelfie Chronicles have put together an epic 52 “Read your shelf” book challenge. You’re challenged to not only read 52 books – but to read them from your shelves or the library! Join the facebook group to get the printable and updates.

Books and prompts in bold are finished, others are books I’m planning to read.

Following the bookshop & amazon links can earn me a small commission, especially if you choose to buy a book! Thank you for supporting my book obsession.

1. A book over 22 years old

2. A book by an author who has written at least 22 books

3. A book with 22 letters in the title

4. A book with 22 or more chapters

5. Read during the 22nd week of the year (May 30-June 5)

6. A book that is being made into a movie in 2022
great list of 2022 adaptions

7. An author with two initials

8. An autho who’s name begins with 2 initials

9. Book 1 of a duology

10. Book 2 of a duology – Misrule

11. A book written in 2002

12. A book that starts with the letter “V” (22nd letter of the alphabet)

13. A book that has a version of the word “two” in the title e.g. twice, second, etc.

14. A book with 2 people on the cover

15. A book with 2 reviews on the cover

16. A book with 2 perspectives

17. A book that is set in 2 different states

18. A book that is set in 2 different time periods

19. A book with 2 words in the title

20. A book that spans more than 22 years

21. A novel set in the 22nd century

22. A book that starts with the letter “b”

23. A book you’re reading for the 2nd time

24. An author’s 2nd published book

25. The second book in a series

26. A book that was published the year you turned 2

27. A book published in February

28. A book with a main character in their 20’s – House of Sky and Breath (Crescent City #2)

29. A second chance

30. A book published 2 years ago

31. A book by an author who writes under 2 different names
A list of authors with multiple pen names

32. A book about a character living 2 different lives

33. An author whose first and last initials are the same

34. A book with 2 different covers

35. A book with a character with a 2 letter name

36. A book that takes place in 2 days or less

37. A book involving a same sex couple

38. A book about 2 generations

39. A book that includes twins

40. A book with 2 love interests

41. A book with a character over 2,000 years old

42. A book under 200 pages

43. A book over 200,000 words

44. An author published in two different genres

45. A book recommended by 2 people

46. A book that could fit 2 different prompts

47. A book that includes at least 2 seasons

48. A book you read in February

49. A book with 2 opposing sides

50. Published in 2022

51. An author who has 2 or more bestsellers

52. A book that’s been on your TBR for at least 2 years

2022 Challenges

What is everyone planning to do for reading challenges in 2022?

Last year was my first year attempting any reading challenges, and I seem to like making the plan more than following through with the plan. I know this about myself…so let’s plan out a few challenges and see where it goes!

  1. PopSugar Reading 2022 – my list
  2. Book Riot Read Harder Challenge 2022 – my list
  3. The Shelfie Chronicles 2022 – my list
  4. Reading Rivalry – monthly challenges

I am also working on some ongoing, longer challenges…or at least, challenges I have no intention of completing in just one year.

  • Boxall’s 1001 Books to Read Before You Die | Amazon | – one day I may make a blog post…but that’s a lot of books to type up or copy/paste.
  • Read the states challenge – this wouldn’t be so hard except that I read A LOT of fantasy, most of which takes place in not the US.

Follow me on instagram at @janaandbooks to see all of the books that I read and how they fit with my challenges!